About me

Now settled near the New Forest my work reflects the scenes I love around me including mighty oak trees, wondrous blue bell woods, boats bobbing on the water and exotic flowers. With strong family and friendship connections in the North East I have time during long train journeys to make links between images and emotions; for example, the serene face of a Buddha looking over the peaceful English country side was born as I imagined it from the window of a speeding train.

Through the medium of printmaking I explore ways of communicating  moods and feelings when creating my images. All images are constructed from sketches, water colours or photographs taken at the scene and then developed into collagraphs, mono prints, lino-prints, wood engravings and etchings.

Sketching on the Dorset coast: The basis for a print or perhaps a watercolour memory?

Printing in Little Wren Studio

I studied fine art at the University of Sunderland and was awarded a BA Hons Fine Art (Printmaking) in 1991. Formerly, I trained as a primary teacher, specialising in art at Goldsmith’s College, London.

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