Barbara Kennard

From the arching bridges spanning the Tyne to the rows of terraced houses marching up the steep banks of Blaydon and Winlaton I am spoilt for inspiration. My work celebrates and reflects the emotional attachment I have for the views around Newcastle and Gateshead.The mysterious Neolithic rock carvings in Northumberland and the wonderful hills and valleys of the Cheviot Hills offer me further sources.

Through the medium of printmaking I explore ways of communicating  moods and feelings when capturing these images. All images are constructed from sketches and photographs taken at the scene and then developed into collagraphs, mono prints, lino-prints, wood engravings and etchings.

I studied at Goldsmith’s College (London University) and the University of Sunderland School of Art. I have a BA (Hons) in Fine Art

Sketching on the Dorset coast: The basis for a print or perhaps a watercolour memory?

Printing in Little Wren Studio

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