Refreshing my site!

Hi everyone! I’m updating my site to better showcase my original prints and watercolours. Lots of news and new images to follow over the next few weeks!! Hi everyone. I’m in the process of updating my site to better showcase my art work. Lots of news and new images for sale will be appearing on…

Exhibition now open!

Had a good first day at The Holy Biscuit as so many people were intrigued by our banner and came across to see what it was all about.They commented on our huge variety of work and how it shone out from the walls of the gallery. A couple from Manchester said they loved Anthony Gormley’s…


I’m getting ready for an exhibition at the Holy Biscuit StudiosĀ from 14th to 24th November 2015. Lots of other artist will be showcasing their work too. Come along if you can!


I have set up this website to showcase my artwork. I hope you enjoy looking at my images. Through this site I will also let you know about my forthcoming exhibitions and other news from the world of art.